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Still 13: Contracts

As a hunter, Yöh'ni usually takes hunting jobs for a living. In group or alone he hunts or captures demonic creatures. It could be because they attack villages, for food or to please gods nearby. However, evil rises everywhere in hell, and some demons will try to trick hunters into blood rituals and other traps.

This ancient temple guarded the essence of dark beasts in the interior of the statues. One of them was set free by the same demon that's tricking others to go there to serve as food and power source for more summonings.

I wanted to try making a simple 3D background and painting over it, and I'm really pleased to see how much time it saved to do so.
I also did a rough straight forward animation, just for fun. The idea was to show the non heroic face of the character, and also introducing Xak'zar, Yçóh'ni's giant bat, from which we will know more in the future.

Xabier urrutia templehunt wip4

Yöh'ni escapes