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BLEND SHAPES exercise "Zar"

I wanted to challenge myself to do a fictional character with believable expressions during the summer, I'm really happy with the result. In order to achieve realistic expressions I avoided getting too far from human facial anatomy as I sometimes do with the demons, and I decided to take iconic actor's faces such as Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris as reference.

The project consists of 4 poses, each of them with 2 or more sculpts to avoid linear deformations and a really simple four bones rig to animate the character and achieve a more realistic performance.

The character itself is Zar, and old demon transitionning to his cacoon phase from which he will reborn as a young demon again. Those inflated parts on the shoulders and back are part of this transformation.

Full 4 poses video

Xabier urrutia pose1

GIF Effort

Xabier urrutia pose3

GIF Anger

Xabier urrutia pose4

GIF Smile

Xabier urrutia pose2

GIF Blow

Xabier urrutia renderpost
Xabier urrutia recopi

I did the blend shapes on zbrush, with two or more sculpts for each pose. I also sketched the skull to ensure that the deformation was believable over it.

Xabier urrutia zar concept

quick concepts for Zar before sculpting.